FollowMe dog training book

Here you can find professional dog trainers, who will help you with the basic training of puppies as well as adult dogs. Some of the trainers will also have experience with problem behaviours in dogs, just ask them if they offer a behaviour consultation service.

The dog trainers that advertise on this site can be contacted either via email or phone. You'll find their details in their ad. You can search for your local dog trainer by looking through the dog trainers page.

Find a dog trainer

To find your local dog trainer, go to the advertisement page, where our clients advertise their dog training services. They are not vetted by us, so you will have to check them out on your own.

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How to choose a dog trainer

You want to make sure your puppy or adult dog gets the help he/she needs. Here you can read about some tips on what to do, when picking your dog training school.

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Adverise with us!

If you are a dog trainer, psychologist or behaviourist, offering anything from puppy socials to behaviour consultations, you can advertise on this site. Special Offer! You can advertise for as little as £14/year...

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To read

One book in particular comes to mind, when recommending a book about dog training. Follow Me - a deal with your dog' by Eva Bodfalt, is a wonderful book describing how dogs work and how to get the best out of them.